Stretch ME

A World leader in Stretch Ceilings and Back Lighting illumininations. 

Stretch Ceilings was orgininally established within the UK in 1988.
StretchME Established within the UK in 2000, we are now 20 years old. 
StretchME opened within Dubai UAE in 2009 to service the Middle East Region.

StretchME has industry-leading experience, knowledge, history, and technical innovation, providing full design assistance through to installation expertise. We only use directly employed, certified, vastly experienced installation specialists, our team members really care and love what they do, that's why we call them Stretchologists :)

Finalist Specialist Contractors for BIG Project Magazine 2015
Finalist Specialist Sub-Contractor for Construction Week 2015

Our Stretch Ceilings are CE Certified & UL Classified, all products are carefully monitored, we only use the best materials, meticulously sourced, expertly made, tried, and tested. 


We are Designers, Engineers, Specifiers, Creatives, Lighting Specialists, Environmentalists, Acousticians, Artists and Artisans.
Masters of Manufacture and Experts in Installations. 

We support every aspect of our specialism, along with market-leading quality and product expertise, we believe we are the best all in one company and a trusted partner to your project.

In 20 years we have matured to be a world leading stretch ceiling company.

Now we actively take a lead in the innovation of Stretch Ceilings, Fabric Architecture, and Lighting Systems. We encourage Architects, Designers & Creatives to elevate their imagination to beautiful, exciting, technical and uniquely bespoke designs that have never been done before! 

We can make the extraordinary, our philosophy is StretchME.


Architectural Fabrics, Membranes, Mirrors, and Textiles for Bespoke Interiors and Lighting Systems. Innovative and Performance Products to suit specification requirements. Certified Comprehensively to International Standards of Quality.

What is a Stretch Ceiling?

100’s of possibilities including:
Matts, Satins, Lacquers, Translucent, Metallic, Acoustic, Hygienic, Textured, MIRROR Reflect, Perforated and Recyclable.

Colours & Finishes

Performance Lighting Diffusers.
Specialist Fabric Diffusers Commissioned for Optimum Lighting.

Lighting Diffusers

Highly Reflective Fabrics for a Mirror Finish
Available in variations of Colours and Styles

Stretch Mirror

High Definition Digital Print Applications for Stretched Fabrics and Soft Media. 

Stretch Print

Long Lasting Anti-Microbial Fabrics for Increased Hygienic Biological Protection Bio +


Tunable Acoustic Fabrics & 
Mirco-Perforated Membranes for
Sound & Comfort Control


Performance Diffusers and Lighting for Monolithic Illuminations and Engineered Lighting Design.

Lighting Solutions

Woven Textiles and Natural Fibre Fabrics, Fire Rated, Printable, Hygienic, Recyclable, Back Lighting.


Stretch our capabilities with Bespoke 3 Dimensional Fabric Architecture, Forms and Artistic projects.

Shapes & Walls

Water and Humidity Resistant Materials, Low Maintenance Ceilings capable of providing Vapour Barriers.

Pools & Spa

Continued Professional Development
How and when to specify Stretch Ceilings Systems.  

An education in Fabric Architecture, Performance Membranes and Lighting Systems.

Certifications and Approvals, what they mean and how they are applicable.


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